Campgrounds in Western Australia that have been mentioned on the WAY&FARER Blog or featured in Social Media can all be found here.

Camping in Western Australia

Find a campground in the forest covered hills or set-up on the beach with white sand and turquoise coloured water when you go camping below Perth on WA’s south coast or head north for a much hotter experience.

Nature's Window, Kalbarri NP

Western Australia stretches for thousands of kilometres from north to south with the southern region having a cooler temperatures and landscapes covered in dense vegetation, including Esperance and Margaret River, where-as the northern parts, such as the Kimberley and Karijini, or even Exmouth and Kalbarri on the central coast are very hot and have much more desolate environments.

There are hundreds of camp grounds spread out throughout Western Australia, with the majority being on or close to the coast line, but there are plenty inland, even in the most remote locations.

Most of the descent campgrounds are either in State Parks, National Parks or private land, often with huge distances in between. Plenty of free roadside rest stops and campgrounds are found near the main tourist routes to help split up the long drives.

If you’ve got the option, bring a 4WD along as a lot of the great places to visit and best campgrounds in WA require one, but there are still plenty of places to bring along the 2WD and caravan.

Here are the different campgrounds in Western Australia, including roadside free camps that have been mentioned in the WAY&FARER blog.

Wharton Bay from a distance
Dales Gorge
Rock formations on beach at Barn Hill Beachside Station
Rock formations on beach at Barn Hill Beachside Station


Stanley Rest Stop, Eighty Mile Beach
Goldwire Free Campground, Lagrange
Barn Hill Beachside Station Stay, The Kimberley
Roebuck Free 2WD Campground & Rest Stop, Broome
Nillibubbica Rest Area, Waterbank (near Broome)
Windjana Gorge Campground, The Kimberley
Fitzroy River Lodge, Fitzroy Crossing
Crossing Inn, Fitzroy Crossing
Ngumban Cliff Campground, The Kimberley
Mary Pool, The Kimberley
Leycesters Rest, Ord River Campground, The Kimberley
Spring Creek, The Kimberley
Cockburn Rest Area, The Kimberley
Lake Argyle Caravan Park