Less than 20 minutes from Tom Price is the RIP Lookout and free campground. 

Whether you’re planning on spending the night here to save a bit of time or money on the way to or from Karijini or not, it’s still worth a visit as there’s stunning views of a nearby mountain range.

RIP Lookout
Caravan infront of mountains at RIP Lookout in the Pilbara
RIP Lookout, Pilbara

The RIP Lookout is more of a car park than a campground. It’s sits on top of a small hill with unspoiled views, although it’s just a gravel area with absolutely zero shade, which can be a bit unbearable on a typical hot day in the Pilbara, but a beautiful rest area when the weather’s a bit cooler …other than the large amount of rubbish spread all over the place.

Plenty of people will make remarks that they had a great time spending the night camping at the RIP Lookout, although for others, it’s a touch on the uncomfortable side as far as overnight stay goes. Just as the name indicates, for many people, this is a place to remember loved ones. Although it’s not a grave yard, it has the same sort of feel and as many people use this place for remembrance, it might not feel right to everyone to set up camp here, but to each his own.

Surrounding just about all sides of the square parking area/camp ground are hundreds of small rocks and stones that people have written on, often starting with “RIP”, as a way of laying a tribute to a loved one that has passed, where the rock will be (hopefully) forever sitting on top of a hill overlooking some stunning landscape.

Rocks with RIP messages at RIP Lookout
RIP rocks at RIP Lookout

RIP Lookout Campground Facilities

As this place isn’t really a campground and more of a car park and lookout where overnight stays are permitted, there aren’t any facilities whatsoever.

You’ll need to be completely self-sufficient and take your rubbish with you.

For another free camp that’s just a short drive away, head towards Tom Price and try staying at Not Daz and Shaz’s Stop, although there aren’t any facilities or shade there either, so you might be better off heading into town and getting yourself a spot at the comfortable Tom Price Caravan Park.

Getting there

The lookout is on the way from Tom Price to Karijini National Park – it’s easy to find, just look for the tourist “camera” sign that points towards a lookout on top of a small hill, about 15-20 minutes from town.