Founded by Robert Workman, Barebones is a sustainable, Certified B organisation that first began its venture by providing underprivileged communities or regions that have been impacted by disasters with bare-bones state-of-the-art emergency shelters.

Barebones Living still continues their humanitarian efforts and has since become a respected outdoor gear brand that prides themselves on going above-and-beyond their high verified environmentally and community standards.

Their goals are to provide the market with sustainably made alternatives to traditional outdoor and camping gear while making further efforts into reducing waste and negative impacts on the environment from the production, packaging, use and disposal of their products.

Barebones Living produce high quality and durable products that are for the most part, very environmentally friendly.

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Rail Road Vintage LED Lantern (Antique Bronze)


Rail Road Vintage LED Lantern (Slate Grey)


Enamel Camping Plates (Set of 2)


White Enamel Dinner Plates (Set of 2)


Premium Enamel Bowls (Set of 2)


White Enamel Bowls (Set of 2)

Cutlery Set Top View
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Stainless Steel Cutlery Set (2 of each)


Japanese Nata Machete


Lightweight Hatchet (544 grams)


Camping Knife with Pounding Base


Field Knife


Enamel Saucepan


Enamel Camping Kettle

Enamel Stock Pot upright
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Enamel Cooking Pot

Brand New Cast Iron 8" Frying Pan for Camping
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Small Cast Iron Frying Pan

10" Inch Cast Iron Frying Pan side view
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Medium Cast Iron Frying Pan