Rest Stop De Grey is a decent free roadside campground about 80 kms to the east of Port Hedland.

There’s a lot of space and facilities, it’s well suited to those with big RVs or caravans, as it’s easy to pull into and you’ll have no problem finding a space that doesn’t require reversing-in or unhitching.

It’s just near the De Grey River and also referred to as the Rest Stop De Grey, but don’t be fooled – the river barely has any water in it and you’ll be disappointed if you’re planning on coming here to cool off after a long drive.

Shelter at De Grey River Free Campground
De Grey River Free Campground

The campground is completely free and you’re allowed to stay for up to 24 hours at a time with no booking required. It’s an ideal location for a stop over when travelling to the Port Hedland area from Broome or even in the other direction, when you want to get an early start on the long drive.

Quite a few trees are found throughout the campground offering some shade, but it’s still a hot and dry area with a fair bit of exposure to the sun.

You can escape some of the heat by resting on one of the picnic table benches under the shelter near the campground entrance.

Caravan at De Grey River Free Campground
De Grey River Free Campground Car Park
Toilets at De Grey River Free Campground

Campground Facilities

There is a toilet inside a tin structure, but they’re not maintained well or kept very clean. The toilet seat is missing, which lets out a lot of bad smells and attracts a huge amount of bugs.

A dump point can be found next to the toilet.

You’ll need to bring along your own supply of water. It’s best to treat this place as a quick stop over on a long journey, rather than a camping destination of its own.