Camp right beside Le Grand Beach

Le Grand Beach Campground sits just behind Le Grand Beach, offering 14 individual campsites, each of which are nestled between bush and scrub, providing a bit of privacy from other campers and a little bit of shelter from the coastal winds.

The campsites are all on crushed rock and ‘reverse-in’, opposed to drive through, with each being not too far from the amenities, picnic area or beach.

Le Grand Beach
Le Grand beach Campsite

Go for a short stroll to the Le Grand Beach or bring the surf boards and head for a drive along the beach until you find your perfect wave.

If keeping dry is more appealing to you, explore the area by foot by either walking down the long beach or venturing along one of the many nearby trails within the Cape Le Grand National Park.

Le Grand beach Campsite
Le Grand Beach

Campground Facilities

Flushable toilets and showers can be found in the centre of the campground, although hot water isn’t guaranteed.

There is a water available, although it’s non-potable and untreated, so you’ll need to bring along your own supply to drink.

Fires aren’t permitted, although there’s a picnic area with a gas barbecue so that you can still enjoy some outdoor cooking.

Le Grand beach Toilet Block
Le Grand beach Picnic Area

Booking a spot at Le Grand Beach Campground

Booking is essential and you can stay up to 14 nights in a row. You’ll need to head over here to reserve a spot and pay, bookings can be made with-in 180 days of arriving.

Keep in mind that this campground isn’t always open and when it is, it books out fast as different tour operators will reserve a bunch of the sites for their group. You can check out the availability by clicking through to the link above.

Getting to the campground

The most common way of getting to the Le Grand Beach Campground is to follow the roads through the national park. If you’re coming from Esperance, head out the eastern side of town and follow the signs to the Cape Le Grand National Park. Once you’ve entered the park, there aren’t many roads to get lost on, just follow the timber signs all of the way to the “Beach Campground”.

In the case that you’ve got a 4wd and feeling adventurous, you can get to the campground by driving from the north to south along the Le Grand Beach – a great way to set the mood before your camping trip in the national park.

Make sure to leave your dog outside of the national park, they’re not allowed at anytime. Dog sitting is available in Esperance, for a nice and cheap one, call Bathers Paradise and they’ll refer you to a nice little old lady that offers low rates.