Here are all of the hiking trails in Western Australia that have been mentioned in the WAY&FARER Blog or on Social Media.

Hiking in Western Australia

Western Australia is a huge mass of land with hundreds of places to visit and almost 13,000 kms of coastline. WA is best explored behind the wheel of a car due to its massive size, but when you finally get out to where you’ve been trying to reach, grab a bottle of water and put on the hiking boots as there’s bound to be a hiking trail nearby.

Beach trails are found most of the way along the coastline but there’s a lot to see inland too! Down south, enjoy hiking in the shade of thick eucalyptus forests or head north and wander through the incredible, remote gorges where some you’ll even need swim to get to the end of the trail!

Although the weather can often be a challenge when hiking in Western Australia, it adds to the fun of it (especially when you can have a swim along the way) and is also what has made the land so rugged and unique. Getting a true feeling of how remote some of the places in WA really are can only be felt when you’re out on foot, & most of the best places in WA require a bit of a walk anyway.

Here are the hiking trails in Western Australia that have been mentioned on the WAY&FARER blog.

Western Australia Banner
Western Australia Banner

Cape Le Grand National Park
Kalbarri National Park
Nature’s Window Walk
Weano Gorge Trail, Karijini National Park
Hancock Gorge Trail, Karijini National Park
Dales Gorge Loop, Karijini National Park
Tunnel Creek, The Kimberley
Windjana Gorge, The Kimberley
Geikie Gorge, Fitzroy Crossing, The Kimberley