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In 2016, Tom Hiney, a Conservation Ecologist and Sacha Guggenheimer, a Marine Biologist were working on the Ningaloo Reef in Western Australia and discovered the negative impacts that typical, chemical based sunscreen is having on the Ocean and everything that’s living in it.

70% of sunscreens on the market contain toxic chemicals that bleach and destroy Marine eco-systems. Every year, 14 thousand tons of chemical sunscreen washes off people and their clothing into Coral Reef environments.

Tom and Sacha searched for a sunscreen that was made from natural ingredients and most importantly, one that didn’t harm Marine life. When they couldn’t find a product that met their high ethical and environmental expectations, they decided to create SunButter Ocean-friendly, eco-friendly Sunscreen & Skin Care products.

Starting production in Sacha’s Mums kitchen, SunButter Skincare’s growing range of sustainable skin care products are now produced in an Australian factory that’s powered by solar energy.

Natural ingredients are used in all of their products, all of which are traced back through their suppliers to ensure that they are ethically and sustainably sourced.

SunButter Skincare now has a whole bunch of products that protect and heal during and after exposure to the Sun, durable enough for Australian conditions.

Make the switch now from chemical based sunscreen and after sun treatments to SunButter Skincare’s all-natural, eco-friendly range and help protect the Ocean and all that lives in it, next time you go for a swim.

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SunButter Sunscreen in water
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SunButter SPF50 Sunscreen

Sunbutter Tinted Sunscreen 1
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SunButter SPF50 Tinted Sunscreen

Sunbutter Sunscreen Duo 1
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SunButter Original & Tinted SPF50 Duo

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Sunbutter Sunscreen Family Pack
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SunButter SPF50 Sunscreen – 3 Pack

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Tinted Sunbutter Sunscreen Family Pack
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SunButter SPF50 Tinted Sunscreen – 3 Pack

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