Free camp near Mimbi Caves between Fitzroy Crossing & Halls Creek

Ngumban Cliff looks over the Great Northern Highway out to the plains, just under 100 kms to the south-east of Fitzroy Crossing and about 190 kms to the west of Halls Creek in the southern part of the Kimberley.

Mimbi Caves are only 10 minutes from Ngumban Cliff, making it a good, close place to camp when going on a cave tour, otherwise most of the people that stop-in here are traveling across the Kimberly from Broome to Kununurra and use the place as a safe spot with facilities to rest up before another day of driving.

Ngumban Cliff Campground
Picnic Tables at Ngumban Cliff Rest Area
Ngumban Cliff Campground Rest Area

The Ngumban camping ground and rest area are both just a short drive off the highway. You’ll first come across a large gravel area which is usually used as the camping area, although you’ll find campers dotted all around the place either trying to find a site with a view or getting close to the facilities.

The rest stop is over the back of the camping area where visitors can find shelter from heat (or rain in the wet season, if the highway is still open) and have a picnic with a view from the top of the cliffs.

Ngumban Cliff Camping Grounds
Caravan at Ngumban Cliff Campground
Ngumban Cliff Campground Entrance
Ngumban Cliff Campground Facilities

Campground Facilities

Toilets are located over at the rest stop, a short walk from the camping area. The toilets set Ngumban Cliffs apart from many other rest area campgrounds in the Kimberley, as most of them don’t have them. Although there are toilets, there isn’t any drinking water, so you’ll need to bring your own along.

Just near the toilets are a couple of permanent shelters with picnic tables. These shelters are in the day-use area, but much the same as similar rest areas in northern Australia, you’ll often find caravans and RVs parked right up against them to use them as an annex, making the most of the shade as it’s scarce out there.

Ngumban Cliffs Campground & Rest Area is a good place for a stop over when travelling through the Kimberley due to its location and facilities, but keep in mind that other than the man-made shelters, the entire place is in full exposure to the sun, so it can get pretty hot and uncomfortable. If you’re instead looking for a paid caravan park with a pool or even a hotel room, consider the Fitzroy River Lodge, about an hour’s drive to the north-west and a great spot to get out of the heat.