Newman’s Rocks is a stunning free campground where you’ll have the chance of spotting some wild Camel’s as they drink from the ponds that are a short walk from the camping area, it’s also a great place to sit on the rocks and watch the sun go down.

The campground is on the eastern edge of the Fraser Range, the very west end of crossing the Nullarbor (if you’re coming from the east), about 140 kms to the east of Norseman.

Newman’s Rocks Campsite is a great place to head camping as it’s own destination or an ideal location to call into and spend your first night free camping in WA after crossing the Great Australian Bight.

Although it might still be part of your Nullarbor itinerary, the landscape is much different to what would have been observed for the last 1,500 kms or so. Once the small shrubs that go for as far as the eye can see begin turning into larger Eucalyptus trees and a dense forest, Newmans’s Rocks isn’t too far away – it’s a shady welcomed relief after an exposed drive through the dry Nullarbor plains.

Caravan at Newman's Rocks Campsite
Caravan at Newman's Rocks

There’s a large space in the centre of the campground that’ll fit a few different groups right beside each other, then there’s plenty of other nearby campsites between trees and bush that have a bit more privacy, most of which will have a small fire pit made and used by previous campers. If you’re planning on having a fire, check with the local authorities that it’s still permitted and allowed at the time.

Accessibility isn’t an issue, just about any vehicle will easily make it down the short dirt track to Newman’s Rocks Campsite and it suits anyone from caravaners to tents.

RV camping at Newman's Rocks Campsite
Newman's Rocks Campground

Campground Facilities

There aren’t any facilities whatsoever at Newman’s Rocks. You’ll need to be fully self-contained. It’s also quite far from any ammenities or shops.

Getting to Newman's Rocks, Western Australia

The turn off to Newman’s Rocks Campsite is about 80 kms or a bit less than an hour’s drive from Balladonia, if you’re crossing the Nullarbor from the east. It’s around 140 kms from Norseman in the west.

Turn off Eyre Highway and the campground is a few hundred metres back from the road. There’s one or two places on the side of the track where you can set up camp, otherwise keep driving until you find the main camping area, it can’t be missed as it’s a one-way road.

To find the Camels and “Newman’s Rocks”, go to the back of the campground and past a farm gate. You’ll then see that some large boulders slightly sticking their heads out of the ground, a couple of small ponds and a few rocks to sit on and take in the view.