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Off-road 4WD Trip along the South Australian Coastline

With the sun forecast to be shining on the south coast, what better way to spend the Easter Break than

One (bottle) For Life

Join the movement towards ending single-use drink bottles by getting a reusable one and while you’re at it, you may

Quick trip to Echuca on the mighty Murray River

Last weekend we went for a quick trip to old Echuca on the Murray. Echuca and other spots nearby on

3 Places to Escape Melbourne

Now that we’re all back out on the road and just before the decent weather in the southern parts of

Touring the Mornington Peninsula with Wild Adventures Melbourne

What a wild day of adventure! It’s been sometime since we’ve ventured out to the south-east side of Melbourne, we

Introducing WAY&FARER

Since launching the Backpacking & Travel Blog, we’ve come a long way. We began as keen backpackers, traveling full-time through

Camping Enamelware that’s good enough for the home

When we head out camping, we’re not afraid to rough it, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t enjoy bringing

Weekend Getaway to the south-east of South Australia

We’ve spent a lot of time exploring Victoria, since the Pandemic hit, which has been amazing but it was time’s most visited pages of 2020

2020 included a lot of staying inside and instead of exploring and heading out on new adventures, we wrote over