On the far western side of the Kimberley’s in the Barn Hill Station, a large campground by the beach and one of the best caravan parks in the large region. It’s about 145 minutes to the south-west of Broome.

As you enter, you’ll be instantly relaxed by seeing the large shady camping area and beach views. 

Two sandy beaches sit below the station, separated by rocks. The water is nice and warm but still refreshing as the air temperature is often very hot here. Once you’ve cooled off, take a walk across the rocks where you’ll see plenty of rock crabs, hermit crabs, interesting shells and the occasional octopus.

On different nights, order pizzas from the office or take it easy while listening to one of the regular bands that come to play.

Rock formations on beach at Barn Hill Beachside Station
Barn Hill Station Campground Powered Campsites
Barn Hill Station Campground Shady Area

Decide between powered sites that are beneath an abundance of trees providing shade for the full day, otherwise choose non-powered sites that have almost full exposure, with the option of beach views for a premium.

Most people, especially families, camp in the powered area beneath the trees as not only is there shade, but more amenities, playgrounds, close beach access and even a small goat yard. On the opposite side of the park, the beach side campsites and spread across a couple of hundred metres, set back from the small cliff top, all with stunning and unspoiled views over the red dunes or foliage, across the beach and out to the ocean.

You’ll find the more affordable unpowered sites behind the beach view campsites. Although there are still plenty of trees, they’re quite spread out and it’s strongly recommended that you bring along an annex or canvas camping tarp to create a bit of extra shade – you can still see the ocean from just about anywhere here. 

The powered sites and unpowered beach view sites are all reserved, where as the rest of the unpowered sites are just “free for all” in the sense that you drive in and set up where you’d like ..or can find a spot. The occasional tap can be found throughout this area, but chances are that you won’t be set up next to one, so either fill you tank before parking or bring along a large jug.

Semi-enclosed camp kitchens can be found throughout the campground.

Barn Hill Station Campground Beachview
Barn Hill Station Campground UNpowered Beach View Campsite
Barn Hill Station Campground Open Unpowered Area
Barn Hill Station Campground Unpowered Sites
Barn Hill Station Campground Beach View Sites
Barn Hill Station Campground Powered Sites under shade

Campground Facilities

Near the powered sites, there are several amenity blocks with showers and toilets. Some have a roof, others look out to the open sky. 

Over at the unpowered section, the amenities don’t have a roof. All of the toilets and showers have an open top. It’s an amazing experience having a cold shower on a hot night while looking up at the stars! On the other hand, if you’re the first to reach one of the toilets in the morning, due to them not being fully enclosed, they can be covered in dozens of insects, but mainly just beetles, so a quick brush to the side won’t cause you any harm, they’re not very pesty and will leave you to do your business in peace.

Laundry facilities can be found in both the powered and unpowered areas. For those that don’t have 12 volt, don’t worry, you can still charge your phone, laptop or whatever else in the unpowered section amenities block. There are several power points, a couple above the washing machine, other next to the dishwashing sink.

Barn Hill Station Office
Lawn Balls at Barn Hill Station
Goat Yard at Barn Hill Station
Open Camp Kitchen at Barn Hill Station
Camp Kitchen at Unpowered Sites

Getting to Barn Hill Station

The entrance to Barn Hill is down a sand track that runs for several kilometres off the Great Northern Highway, about an hour and 45 minutes from Broome – if you take it slow, just about any vehicle can make it down the sand road with ease.

The road is corrugated, but even with not difficult obstacles other than a couple of rocks about three quarters of the way down the track that are easy to get around.

Gate to Barn Hill Beachside Station
Gates at Barn Hill Beachside Station
Barn Hill Station Rock Formations and Beach