Quiet Family Operated Caravan Park in Esperance

On the north-eastern side of Esperance, still within the township, is Bathers Paradise Caravan Park.

Bathers Paradise is one of the older, original caravan parks in Esperance. Family owned and operated. The entire place is very neat, tidy and secure – it’s one of the safer feeling places to camp in Esperance, not just due to the one way in, one way out entrance and large fence around the perimeter, but the park manager seems to be on regular petrol and the police do a loop through there a few times a week to check things out. It’s the sort of place where there’s a sign on just about every post and wall telling you what you can and can’t do.

The caravan park is very well maintained, although the facilities are on the older, smaller side of things, they’re kept clean. The campsites are quite small, but still with enough space for even the largest caravans. Access is super easy as there a loads of gates along the fences that the manager will open up to let you in/out. The park managers will also guide you right into position, so even the most rookie caravaners will reverse in or drive through without a worry in the world.

Bathers Paradise Caravan park
Photo Credit: https://www.australiasgoldenoutback.com

We didn’t manage to get any photos while we were here, so the above is courtesy of AustraliasGoldenOutback.com

The caravan park is more-or-less one large yard with ammenities in the centre. On the western-side of the park are some large pine trees and lush grass, it’s quite nice and there’s a lot of shade, on the other side of the caravan park, it’s pretty much a wide open space that’s exposed to sun – at times, it can be difficult to find some privacy and you’ll often be looking straight at a bunch of other guests when sitting outside, but that’s not uncommon at caravan parks and it’s still a nice place to spend a while.

Just a short two minute walk from the caravan park entrance is long sandy beach and the main draw card to Bathers Paradise. You can head here for a swim or walk all of the way along it, right into the Esperance town centre.

Campground Facilities

Toilets, showers, a laundry and dump point can be found in the centre of the caravan park. All of these facilities are in good working order, but starting to get a little bit old – nonetheless, everything works as it should and are regularly cleaned.

On the western-side of the park is a fully enclosed camp kitchen inside a nice little timber building. Here, you’ll find a fully equiped kitchen and cleaning facilities, alongside plenty of utensils and cooking gear that can be used free of charge, which is quite a nice touch for those travelling light. There’s also a TV and sitting area.

Getting to Bathers Paradside

The Bathers Paradise Esperance Caravan Park is very easy to find. As it’s been there for so long, all of the blue caravan park signs spread throughout Esperance seem to guide you here.

When you’re coming into town through the industrial area, it’s just a short drive from the main road in the direction of the beach.

From the centre of Esperance, it’s about a five minute drive. You can drive with the beach on your right hand side, then it’s one block back from Castletown Beach, which runs along side Castletown Quays Road.

If you’re looking for a good free camp beside the beach, try heading to Membinup Beach Campground, less than an hour to east of Esperance.