Canvas Tarps

An essential, go-to item that every camper needs! Canvas tarps are a versatile piece of camping equipment that can be used for just about anything, from getting a bit of shelter from the rain, shade from the sun or increase your privacy at the campground.

Use one of the canvas tarps as a shelter and place another one down as a ground cover.

If you’re looking to do some bushcraft and tarp camping, consider this Oilskin Tarp from Bushcraft Spain, regarded as the best bushcraft tarp on the market.


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Our range of canvas camping tarps are stocked in our two warehouses, available across Australia and to all countries within the European Union. Free shipping on all orders over $199/€199.

Australian orders for canvas tarps are dispatched from our warehouse in the Grampians, Victoria.
European canvas tarps orders are dispatched from our EU warehouse in Bordeaux, France.

If you have any questions about any our camping tarps, including our WAY&FARER branded canvas tarps, we would love to hear from you. Feel free to email or send us a message, here.