WAY&FARER is for adventure inspiration, information eco-friendly gear to take along with you.

Gear for green explorers camping or caravan set-up, & the day hikes, picnics and walks to the market during your time on the road.

Find brilliant sustainably made gear with information about the environmental impact that the materials typically have, that are used to make each product. We’ve even rated each product out of 5 based the products’ typical manufacturing process, durability, recyclability and/or biodegradability to help you make a more informed and eco-conscious decision about the gear that you take when you go exploring.  (NOTE: We’re still busy rolling out the eco rating, you’ll find it on about 80 products, although we’ll have everything rated soon).

We have Australia wide delivery on all of our products. Please get in touch with us if you have a delivery address outside of Australia as most items can be delivered to most countries.

Campgrounds, hiking trails and destination that have been featured in our blog or social media can be found in our Travel Guides.

Eva & Guy are the main force behind WAY&FARER. We’re based in Geelong, Victoria and always up for a chat! From products to places, we’re happy to answer any questions, so please feel free to contact us here or email

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Adventure inspirationinformation & eco-friendly gear to take along with you.


WAY AND FARER is a registered business in Australia with the ABN 74 425 075 078, operating throughout Australia from Geelong, Victoria.
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