Goldwire Free Campground & Rest Stop is one of the better places to spend the night on the Great Northern Highway when travelling between Port Hedland and Broome, mainly due to the fact that you’ll find plenty of trees and shade, unlike most other rest stops in the area.

You’ll find Goldwire Free Campground about 160 kms to the west of Broome and around 460 kms to the east of Port Hedland, it’s just to the south of Lagrange.

Unlike Stanley Rest Area, which is about 60 kms to the west, Goldwire Rest Area is much smaller, but a lot nice and less exposed to the sun.

Goldwire Rest Stop
Goldwire Free Campground

Plenty of people call in here and use Goldwire as a good overnight stop, although as it’s relatively close to Broome and even closer to Barn Hill Seaside Station Stay, there are less campers than at some of the larger rest areas between Port Hedland and Broome.

There are picnic tables, a shelter and even a fire pit, but it’s not recommend to light any fires here due to the severely hot weather.

Goldwire Rest Area & Free Campground is a nice place (relative to other rest areas/free camps on the Great Northern Highway) to set up for the night, put a chair under the shade of the tree and recharge before continuing on driving.

Goldwore Rest Stop Sign

Campground Facilities

Toilets can be found here or if you bring along your own, there’s also a dump point.

You’ll need to bring along your own supply of water.