Free camp between Broome and Derby

Nillibubbica Rest Stop & Free Campground is a bit over an hour’s drive to the east of Broome on the way to Derby.

It’s the closest 2WD free camp to Broome that has facilities, if you’re self contained and want somewhere closer to town to spend the night, try Roebuck Free 2WD Campground.

Due to the shelters, space, facilities and lack of other free camp grounds in the area, you’ll often find plenty of people camping at Nillibubbica for the night, but you’ll more than likely always find a spot to park the RV or caravan. It’s a popular spot for those travelling through the area as it’s mentioned in loads of free camping guides & directories.

Nillibubbica Free Campground and Rest Area
Nillibubbica Free Campground

The campground is spread out with plenty of space, even for large rigs.

Dotted throughout the place are a bunch of shelters and picnic tables, the shelters will usually be pretty handy as this is a very hot and dry place most of the year, then hot and very wet during summer.

The entire area is on an even surface and there’s no need to reverse in. Just find an empty spot, set up camp for the night and get an early start to the next day’s drive.

Nillibubbica Rest Stop
Gazebo at Nillibubbica Free Campground

Nillibubbica Campground Facilities

Other than the picnic tables and shelters, there are toilets here, further helping to make it a popular stop over for travellers.

There isn’t any drinking water, you’ll need to bring your own. The closest place to buy water is at the Roebuck Roadhouse, about 20 minutes shy of Broome.

Getting to Nillibubbica Rest Stop from Broome

Head out of Broome on the Great Northern Highway in the direction of Derby and Fitzroy Crossing.

Go past the Roebuck Roadhouse and just keep on driving. If you’re sticking to the speed limit, the Nillibubbica Rest Stop and Campground is about an hour and ten minutes from Broome on your left. You’ll see a blue road sign saying “Nillibubbica”, you’ll need to turn left here and both the rest stop and camp ground are just off the highway.

Whether you’re taking the bitumen or Gibb River Road through the Kimberley, this Nillibubbica Rest Stop is on the way.