On the long drive from Exmouth to Tom Price or vice versa is the Beasley River Free Campground and Rest Area, closer to Tom Price and a bit under 100 kms to the west of Paraburdoo (96 kms to be exact) and around 175 kms to the east of the Nanaturra Roadhouse.

Compared to most other rest stops in the vast surrounding area, there is quite a bit of shade here, allowing you to somewhat escape the heat and take it easy before another day of driving.

You can camp here for free and stay for uptown 24 hours at a time. Booking isn’t required and sites can’t be reserved.

The river is almost always dry, so it’s not a good idea to come here with expectations of taking a dip at the end of the day and cooling off.

Beasley River Free Campground and Rest Stop
Beasley River Free Campground

This is one of the better free campgrounds and place to stop over when heading from the coast near Exmouth with the plans of staying at Tom Price or heading all of the way to the Karijini National Park.

If you’re up for it, the entire drive can easily be done within a day as although there’s plenty of space and you’ll have a good chance of finding a spot to set up camp, due to it’s convenient location, it’s quite popular and can have a lot of other campers with a similar itinerary.

Beasley River Free Campground Caravans Parked
Beasley River Free Campground Car Park
Beasley River Free Campground Toilets

Beasley River Facilities

There are toilets at this rest stop, which helps make it one of the more popular roadside free camps in the area. There’s a long ramp up to the toilets, making it easily accessible for all.

A fire pit and a bunch of concrete picnic tables can be found in the centre of the camping area with several bins on the edge of the car park.

Getting to the Beasley River Free Camp

Once you see the sign for ‘Beasley Designated Rest Area’ on the main road, turn left if you’re coming from the west, & of course, turn right if you’re coming from the east/Tom Price.

Head down the road for a short distance until you reach an intersection, then turn right and follow the road to the end.

You’ll find the rest stop with the camping area behind it. If it’s too busy for your liking, head back the way you came from for a short distance and you’ll see another camping area off a track on the opposite side of the rest area.

Beasley River Free Campground Sign