Stanley Rest Area is a very large free campground on the Great Northern Highway between Port Hedland and Broome.

It’s 215 kms to the west of Broome and just over 400 kms from Port Hedland. Due to it’s location and facilities, Stanley Rest Area Free Campground attracts large amounts of caravans and RVs that are travelling past, looking for somewhere free and easy to call into for the night.

There are a couple of decent size shelters and a few trees to help get you out of the sun, although the place is still very dry and you’ll find it hard to get your RV or caravan under some shade. Other than gravel roads throughout the camping area, the entire place is mainly red sandy dirt.

Shelter at Stanley Rest Stop
Stanley Rest Stop Camping Area

Booking is not required and reservations aren’t possible, but due to the huge amount of space, you’ll have no problem finding somewhere to set up, even with the biggest vehicles. The entire area at the Stanley free camp is on a flat, even surface with no curbs, making very easy access with no reversing on unhitching required.

Caravan camping at Stanley Rest Stop
Stanley Rest Stop

Facilities at the Stanley Rest Area Free Campground

There’s are two toilets with an all-accessible ramp leading up to it, right beside two small water tanks with non-potable water.

You’ll need to bring along your own supply of drinking water and be sure to throw in a canvas tarp while you’re at it, to try and create a bit of extra shade.

Several picnic benches are found throughout the campground, some of which are under trees – then there’s of course the two shelters. 

Stanley Rest Stop Toilets
Caravan at Stanley Rest Stop