As the name suggests, this is a well used and dry rest area in the Kimberley.

Three main tourists routes intersect at Cockburn Rest Area. The road coming in from the north-east is from Kununurra and Lake Argyle, from the north-west is Wydnham and the road leading out the south is the one and only bitumen highway through the Kimberley in the direction of Fitzroy Crossing & Broome.

Cockburn Rest Area
Cockburn Rest Area and Free Campground

Cockburn Rest Area & Campground is pretty bare, but busy. It’s mainly a gravel car park that has a few shelters, picnic tables and importantly, toilets.

Most people arrive here quite late and are gone early in the morning, as they venture across the remote and well spread out Kimberley region. Although it does get busy, there’s lots of space and finding a spot to park the RV or caravan won’t be an issue. Even if the main camping area is full, you can head around the corner to the car park in front of the toilets, located on the road heading south.

The entire place is on flat ground with very easy access. Unless it’s incredibly packed, reversing isn’t required.

Shelter at Cockburn Rest Area
Shelter at Cockburn Rest Area and Free Campground

Cockburn Campground Facilities

There are multiple toilets and a handy dump point. There isn’t any drinking water, so you’ll need to bring plenty of that along as it gets quite hot here.

To escape the shade, there are a couple of shelters and plenty of picnic tables under them.

Several large rubbish bins are located near the toilets.

Cockburn Rest Area Toilets
Dump Point at Cockburn Rest Area and Free Campground