Campgrounds in South Australia that have been mentioned on the WAY&FARER Blog or featured in Social Media can all be found here.

Desert or Beach Camping in South Australia

South Australia is a huge region and although it does have a lot of diversity and some totally different environments, it’s mostly known for rugged sandy beaches that stretch for days & it’s extremely dry, desolate plains that go on forever, covering a larger area than some European countries.

Sellicks Beach, Fleurieu Peninsula - 1

The bottom south-east corner of South Australia is a much cooler place than the rest of the state. The cold coastline is dotted with caves and covered in lush, green vegetation where you’ll want to bring along a wool jumper!

From the south-east, following the coastline for many hundreds of kilometres past Adelaide are loads of stunning beach campgrounds, most of which are quite remote and some are very hard to get to, perfect for the more adventurous of campers. The sandy coastline eventually drops away when you’re crossing the Nullarbor and you’ll be standing on the edge of the world at places like Bunda Cliffs, near the WA border.

Surrounding Adelaide are rolling hills, mostly covered in eucalyptus trees that go all of the way to the coast on the stunning Fleurieu Peninsula, a must-visit destination when camping in South Australia.

Camping in South Australia is mostly a hot and dusty experience where you’ll get to see some of Australia’s stereotypical and most beautifully rugged red and gold coloured landscapes.

Here are the different campgrounds in South Australia that have been mentioned in the WAY&FARER blog.

Crossing the Nullarbor
Crossing the Nullarbor

Second Valley, Fleurieu Peninsula
Dry Creek, Glenelg River
Old School Yard, Clement’s Gap
Parachilna Gorge, Flinders Ranges
Rawnsley Park Station, Flinders Ranges
Moonlight Bay, Eyre Peninsula
Streaky Bay RV Campground, Eyre Peninsula
Islands Caravan Park, Streaky Bay, Eyre Peninsula
Head of the Bight Campground, Nullarbor
Bunda Cliffs Campground, Nullarbor