The Fitzroy River Lodge sits right beside the river on the edge of Fitzroy Crossing. In this area, accommodation and decent campgrounds are hard to find, the Fitzroy River Lodge would have to be one of the best.

Spread across 50 acres, there’s a hotel with 50 luxury rooms, a couple of luxury villas with river views, 30 safari tents (during the peak season), 20 workers huts then 100 powered campsites and 100 non-powered campsites all on green grass with lots of trees.

The lodge is licensed and has a bar, which is the main place to grab a drink in the area. There’s a semi-fine dining restaurant that serves very tasty and well presented meals with a beautiful timber deck and beer garden below the eucalyptus trees.

Staff come to work at the Fitzroy River Lodge from all over the world, whether it be to give remote living a try while saving some money or for visa purposes. Due to this, the standard of food and service is very high with exceptionally good food.

The Fitzroy River Lodge is a great place to call into when travelling through the Kimberley – it even has a pool!

One thing to keep in mind is that the Fitzroy River Lodge does see a lot of abuse from the locals. In the past, it was a regular occurrence for people to damage cars, smash their windows and take what’s inside. In the second half of 2022, the lodge hired security staff to work all night guarding this area and from what we’ve heard, a car has not been vandalised since.

Fitzroy River Lodge Motel Restaurant Deck
Fitzroy River Lodge Motel
Pool at Fitzroy River Lodge Motel

Behind the restaurant and hotel is the campgrounds and there a few different options at hand.

Surrounding the amenities block on lush green grass are the powered campgrounds, all of which have plenty of space. There about 8 drive-through caravan sites that are on even concrete, for those that are just quickly passing through and don’t want to unhitch.

Powered site at Fitzroy River Lodge
Fitzroy River Lodge Powered Camp Sites
Drive though powered camp sites at Fitzroy River Lodge
Drive through Fitzroy River Lodge Powered Camp Sites

Between the restaurant and the powered sites is a large section for non-powered camping, you more-or-less drive onto the designated field and set up wherever you like.

There’s another non-powered camping area over behind the amenities block, near the camp kitchen, although vehicles can’t enter the grass on this section.

On the river side of the campground are 30 structures that each house a safari tent. During the peak season (anytime outside of the wet season), these can be booked. Each of them contain a small ensuite with a toilet, shower and basin, they also have electricity, lockable doors and small undercover deck.

Caravan Set Up at Fitzroy River Lodge Un Powered Camp Sites
Fitzroy River Lodge Un Powered Camp Sites
Fitzroy River Lodge Un Powered Camping Only Sites
Fitzroy River Lodge Safari Tent

Campground Facilities

The motel is quite luxurious and each room has great facilities, the amenities and kitchen at the camp ground are a bit worse for wear but kept clean.

In the centre of the powered sites camping area is a large toilet and shower block that’s on the older side, but maintained regularly and cleaned daily. In the same building, there’s a coin laundry and a seperate outside sink for washing dishes.

Over the back to the side of the camping area is a large undercover kitchen with some basic appliances, including gas cookers, microwaves, sinks, fridge, freezer and barbecue. More toilets and showers can be found here too.

Fitzroy River Lodge Facilities
Fitzroy River Lodge Camp Kitchen

Getting to the Fitzroy River Lodge

The Fitzroy River Lodge is just over 2kms from the Fitzroy Crossing township, right beside the Fitzroy River.

If you’re coming from Broome, head past the petrol stations and you’ll cross two bridges, the second one goes over the Fitzroy River. Just after crossing the second bridge, you’ll see the entrance to the river lodge on your left.

Head into the reception area to book a campground or hotel room, otherwise just call in for a beer at the bar or enjoy a beautiful dinner at the restaurant.