The best 2WD free camp in the Kimberley

Mary Pool is the best easy-access campground in the entire Kimberley region and still worth a visit even if you’re spending the night elsewhere.

In the southern part of the Kimberley on the Great Northern Highway, about 180 kms to the south-east of Fitzroy Crossing and 110 kms to the west of Halls Creek is Mary Pool, a large swimming area (but only if you’re brave as crocs live here too) with an old concrete river crossing, much the same as the original Fitzroy River crossing.

In the dry months, the pool is almost non-existent and when it’s wet, the whole place floods, therefore if you’re coming here for a swim, it’s best to visit a few days after rain. Like most swimming holes in the Kimberley, it’s probably also a good idea to the check with the local authorities if it’s still a safe place to swim, before you go near the water.

Swimming at Mary Pool, The Kimberley
Walking down to Mary Pool from the camping area
To the right off Mary Pool, The Kimberley
Locals swimming at Mary Pool, The Kimberley
Eva at Mary Pool, The Kimberley

Crocodiles often visit Mary Pool, so it’s a good idea to keep small kids or animals away from the water. Most of the information you’ll read about Mary Pool will advise you not to swim here, although the visitor info centre in Broome recommends Mary Pool as a swimming hole, if you don’t mind rubbing up against the occasional croc.

It’s hard not find people swimming here when you visit, especially the locals.

Trees and grass at Mary Pool Campground, The Kimberley
Grassing camping area at Mary Pool Campground, The Kimberley
Caravan at Mary Pool Campground, The Kimberley
Parking area at Mary Pool Campground, The Kimberley

Camping at Mary Pool

Lots of shade and lush green grass can be found beneath a canopy of a relatively large patch of trees, just beside the river. Small tracks weave and wind through this area, drive in and find a place to call home for the night as this is the Mary Pool campground.

The Kimberley is a very dry and hot part of the country where it can be hard to find shelter from the sun and escape the heat. Mary Pool campground offers an escape to both of these challenges. Set up camp under the trees on the grass, then head over to the pool to cool off.

Fire pits, toilets, a shelter and picnic tables can all be found in the large parking area next to the shady campground.

Caravan at Mary Pool Campground
Mary Pool Campground Shelter

Campground Facilities

Beside the campground is a large parking area with toilets over the back, making it an and clean place to spend the night camping. You’ll also find a dump point here.

There isn’t any water that’s suitable for drinking, so you’ll need to bring along your own supply.

Dogs are permitted and due to the gravel car park going right up to the grass camping area, just about any size RV or caravan can easily be set up here. This parking area is where you’ll find all of the facilities, there’s also shelters, picnic tables and fire pits.

Mary Pool Campground Facilities
Mary Pool Campground Facilities Dump Point