Here are all of the hiking trails in Victoria that have been mentioned in the WAY&FARER Blog or on Social Media.

Hiking in Victoria

Victoria’s landscape has so much diversity in such close proximity. Rainforests are bordered by pristine beaches that are separated by rugged, rocky headlands. Creeks that fall from mountains slowly flow through the surrounding plains. Victoria is a hiking paradise with enough tracks and trails that it’d take a lifetime to explore them all.

Calmly stroll past some of the best surf beaches in the country on the Surf Coast Walk where you can even stop for a coffee at brunch time, otherwise head on the Great Ocean Walk or one of the many other, longer world-class coastal walking trails in Victoria. If the mountains are calling your name, explore one of the dozens of incredible trails at the Grampians in central, west Victoria or visit the high country to the east.

There’s an endless amount of incredible hiking trails in Victoria, plenty of which are close to Melbourne and can be completed as a day hike, others can take up to a week to get from the start to finish. Here are all of the ones that have been mentioned in the WAY&FARER blog.

Grampians Banner
Guy looking up from inside the Otways Canyon
Great Ocean Road
brisbane ranges banner
Central Victoria
Central Victoria


Beeripmo Walk, Buangor State Park
Hanging Rock
You Yangs Regional Park (just near Melbourne, on the Geelong side)

Mount Buffalo Lookout
Mount Buffalo Lookout


Bushrangers Bay, Mornington Peninsula
Mount Buffalo Circuit
The Horn, Mount Buffalo