Dales Campground is well inside the Karijini National Park with spacious bush campsites spread out throughout a large area, split into a bunch of different sections.

When you’re camping at Karijini, you’ve got to decide between several campgrounds, all quite far apart – Dales Campground is good choice but you can’t go too wrong at any of them. Booking is required and you can reserve and stay at a campsite for an affordable rate.

The national park is a large area with the main attractions a long distance from each other, so there’s pro’s and con’s to staying at each. A big benefit of choosing Dales is that there’s a decent hiking trail that leaves from the campground and takes you to Dales Gorge, where you’ll find several natural pools that are perfect for swimming.

Dales Campground Entrance at Karijini National Park
Caravan set up at Dales Campground Karijini National Park

Whether it be that you spend the day in the nearby gorge or go exploring and then drive to the closest pool for a dip at the end of the afternoon, it’s brilliant to have this option so close and an amazing way to cool off on warm day at one of the hottest places in the country!

Each campsite is easy access on flat terrain and suitable for anything from tents to caravans and RVs. No 4wd is required to get to Dales Campground, but be sure to check with the tourist info staff before coming as one of the ways to get there is via a long unsealed and heavily corrugated dirt track which will often end up in a puncture if you haven’t let you tyres air pressure down.

Dingo at Dales Campground Karijini National Park
Cascades in Dales Gorge at Karijini National Park

Dales Campground Facilities

There are several drop toilets with-in each section of Dales Campground that are kept clean and well maintained by the on premises volunteer hosts.

Other than that, there’s not a lot else, so you’ll need to bring along your own drinking and cleaning water.

No bins can be found at the campground, but you’ll find some after just a short drive to the overflow area near the Karijini visitor information centre. This is where you’ll also find some phone reception and data service.

Make sure you keep your rubbish, shoes and anything else of value inside your van or tent as there are a few local Dingoes that are sure to pay you a visit.