Tarp Accessories & Add-ons

Whether you’re spending a night in the wilderness camping underneath your oilskin tarp or setting up some shelter at the campground, here’s some gear that’s well suited to accompany your canvas tarp.

Every camping tarp needs a ground cover.

Perfect for people using one of our Oilskin Tarps as a tent or those on camping, caravan or day trips that want the best possible outdoor rug, the Bushcraft Spain handmade Ground Cloth that has a heavy duty 100% cotton oilskin treated canvas base layer with a 100% wool top lining.

To store your tarp, you can use one of these Oilskin Bags (purposely designed to carry the tarp) or for something very cool, this Oilskin Knapsack has a wool interior, allowing it to be reversed inside-out and used as pillow cover when hiking or camping.

Although it’s not quite a tarp accessory and more of a tarp itself, for survival situations, this handmade Oilskin Poncho doubles as tarp!


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