Campgrounds in Tasmania that have been mentioned on the WAY&FARER Blog or featured in Social Media can all be found here.

Some places to go camping in Tasmania

Tasmania’s landscape is dense, rough, rugged and remote, making it an exciting place to go camping.

Whether it be for a single night that you’ve slipped into a different trip or you’re heading on a Tasmanian camping expedition, you’re in for a treat and are set to experience a campground and environment different to what you’ll find on main land Australia.

Much of the island is covered in thick, ancient forests that sit on top of a jagged terrain, surrounded by diverse coastline, from the calmer and more holiday-friendly beaches on the east coast to the treacherous ocean that smashes against the rocky cliffs and wild beaches in the west.

Bring your jacket along and experience camping in Tasmania, Australia’s coldest and most southern territory.

Here are a few campgrounds in Tasmania that have been mentioned on the WAY&FARER blog.

Cradle Mountain
Cradle Mountain


Corinna Eco Park, West Tasmania
Lagoon Beach Campground, East Tasmania
Teds Beach Campground, South Tasmania