Camp in the Cape Le Grand National Park at Lucky Bay

Just behind the famous Lucky Bay at the Cape Le Grand National Park is a great and relatively large campground with stunning views, only a short walk down to the pristine beach.

Out of the two places to set up camp at Cape Le Grand, the Lucky Bay Campground is larger, more popular one. Unlike Le Grand Beach Campground, this one is open all year round.

It’s the perfect place for those who love being outdoors by the beach, ideal for fishing, water sports and bushwalking.

Lucky Bay Campground
View on Lucky Bay from Campground

Bring along a tent, caravan or camper as it’s suitable for all with easy access and decent size campsites.

If you’ve brought a boat, canoe or kayak, you’re in luck as they can be launched from the beach – you don’t need to enter the campground or even be staying there to drive down onto the Lucky bay beach.

If swimming or fishing is far as water sports go for you and you’re more interested in exploring by foot, there are two decent day hikes leaving the campground – one in either direction along the coast.

Lucky Bay Campground empty spot
Lucky Bay Campground

Campground Facilities

Unlike other free camps in the area, such as Membinup Campground, there are toilets here that are kept clean and maintained by park management, who seem to take a lot of pride in making the Lucky Bay Campground an enjoyable place to stay.

Showers can be found here, but be warned – in the cooler months, the hot water isn’t always guaranteed!

Water is available, but it’s untreated and non-potable, so you’ll need to bring some along for drinking.

Cooking isn’t a worry, as there’s a large picnic area fitted with gas barbecues.

Open fires aren’t allowed. Generators are permitted between 8:00 am – 1:00 pm and 5:00 pm – 9:00 pm.

Lucky Bay Campground Kitchen
Lucky Bay Campground sitting are

Fees & Booking at Lucky Bay Campground

Booking is required and you can do so up to 180 days before you arrive by heading here and paying a small fee.

Keep in mind that individual sites can’t be reserved, so if there’s a particular part of the campground where you’d like to stay or you’re coming with friends and setting up across multiple sites, it’s best to get in early.

A lot of the individual sites are just behind the scrub that separates the campground from the beach, then there’s a whole bunch more that are little further back, although pretty much all of the sites are as good as each other and you shouldn’t stress about ending up at a poorly positioned or shaped/sized site, as there aren’t any.

Getting to Lucky Bay

Lucky Bay and the campground isn’t a hard place to find.

Head out of Esperance to the east, following the signs to Cape Le Grand National Park, which is about a 40 minute drive from the centre of town.

Once you’ve made it into the national park, there aren’t a lot of different roads and plenty of signs, just follow the one right down south, about mid way along the south coast that runs from east to west. Head directly for Lucky Bay (following the signs) and as you’re arriving at the beach car park, you’ll see the campground right beside it.