Here are all of the hiking trails in the Australian Capital Territory that have been mentioned in the WAY&FARER Blog or on Social Media.

Hiking in the Australian Capital Territory

Small but mighty! Although the ACT is a super small region that seems to be out in the middle of no-where, it’s right at the tip of the Australian Alps, just 150 kms from the coast and 60% of the place is covered in nature reserves and bushland, so there are plenty of hiking trails ready to explored!

Most of the area south-west of Canberra is park land with loads of trails weaving and winding around the large mountains, lakes and following the many rivers in the region.

While you’re visiting the nations capital, bring your hiking boots along and get out on one of the great bush walks and hiking trails in the ACT, none of them are too far away, there’s even a trail right in the centre of Canberra!

Here are the two hiking trails in the Australian Capital that have been mentioned on the WA&FARER blog.

Guy on top of Booroomba Rocks