The main family-friendly caravan park in Exmouth

RAC Exmouth Holiday Park is the largest caravan park in the region, well suited for families and those that like plenty of facilities and to camp beside other holiday makers. It’s a short drive to the beach or the shops in the middle of town, but keep in mind that it’s still about a 45-60 minute drive to the national park and main Exmouth attractions, including where you’re most likely going to snorkel and see parts of the Ningaloo Reef.

The caravan park is huge, there are hundreds of individual powered caravan and tent sites, then cabins and budget backpacker accommodation.

At the park entry, there’s a tourist shop where you can purchase gifts, rent equipment and book tours. The staff can help to answer just about any question and if not, head across the road to the Exmouth Visitor Information Centre.

Each campsite is spacious and has easy access, as the roads throughout the grounds are two lanes and the entire place is on a flat, even surface.

RAC Exmouth Caravan Park Pool

Just inside the front gates is a large shaded area with good internet access, lawn and picnic benches beside a large camp kitchen. Across the road, still inside the grounds, is a pool, which becomes very handy and Exmouth is known for its sunny days and warm weather.

RAC Exmouth Caravan Park Office and Shop
RAC Exmouth Caravan Park Entrance

Campground Facilities

There’s an abundance of facilities, some small, others are quite big, meaning that you’re almost certain to find amenities with-in a short distance from where you’ve set up and there’s little chance that you’ll need to queue – if so, just walk to one of the many other toilet and shower blocks.

For $62 a night, you’d almost expect much newer and better maintained amenities, although they’re still not too bad and work fine. The toilets and showers are cleaned regularly, but often the cleaners are just backpackers passing through and don’t do the best job. The highest chances are that you’ll be able to find a shower or toilet that’s pretty clean at any time of the day or night, but due to the massive amount of people staying here, they’re well used and often not sparkling, although that’s not uncommon at such a largely populated holiday park.

Salmon Gums Green Lake Free Campground
Salmon Gums Green Lake Campground

Every site is on hard crushed rock. Trying to hammer in a peg to set up a tent or tie down an annex can be a difficult task, although a really great thing is that you can go and borrow and power drill from the office at no cost, so that you can drill a hole in the ground to then bang a peg into. There’s also other handy equipment and very helpful staff at the front desk that can get you out of just about any drama. This is one of the benefits of staying at such a large and professionally operated holiday park, like most RAC parks throughout Australia.

Getting a discount on your stay

RAC members are eligible for a 10% discount, which can be quite helpful due to how expensive the place is. This caravan park is one of the more expensive in Western Australia and for no good reason. Although it’s a comfortable place to stay with plenty of facilities, it’s not beachside or a short walk from the centre of town or boutique, so it’s hard to understand why it costs so much regarding value, it seems to be more of a case of supply versus demand.

Getting RAC Exmouth Caravan Park

As you’re entering Exmouth you’ll notice a housing development on your right. Not far past here is the visitor info centre (also on your right). Turn into the road where the Exmouth info centre is (as it’s on a corner) and you’ll see the caravan park entrance directly opposite.