Arriving at Tome Price Tourist Park feels like you’ve made it to an oasis in the desert. 

No matter which way you come from, whether it be from Port Hedland in the north of Exmouth to the west, almost the entire long drive takes you through very dry and desolate land with a severe lack of trees and water. Eventually, you’ll be surrounded by Eucalyptus trees, large hills and small mountains, then greeted by a grassy and shady campground with a pool.

Mountains Behind Tom Price Tourist Park
Tom Price Tourist Park with Hills in Background
Tom Price Tourist Park Camp Kitchen Pool

Tom Price Tourist Park is the only caravan park in the area. It’s a large campground that’s mainly used by those with caravans, RVs and tents that are visiting the Karijini National Park, then there’s some long-stay residents in cabins or also caravans – but don’t let that put you off,  they’re there to work in the nearby mines.

Just near the park entrance, there’s the Pilbara Backpackers, which is better suited for those traveling without a tent or accommodation on wheels. It’s right beside a large camp kitchen and seating area, that also acts as a good place to meet other travellers and do a bit of socialising, most likely after a lot of time spent alone in remote areas.

The caravan park is mainly split into two sections with a few other little spots. As you enter the park, there’s a large shady field that’s the main area, then there’s a circular section. You’ll find the pool over at the circular area.

Tom Price Tourist Park Campground
Tom Price Tourist Park Circular Camping Area
Tom Price Tourist Park Caravan Area
Tom Price Tourist Park Camp Kitchen Exterior

Tom Price Caravan Park Facilities

All of the amenities throughout the caravan park are kept clean and well maintained, although in the circular section, they’re much newer and of a very good standard. 

The camp kitchen is of a decent size and has plenty of equipment so that several parties can cook and clean up in tandem. It has a roof and open sides, which is great for the cool breeze to flow in. There’s a bunch of picnic tables and a couch.

Tom Price Tourist Park Camp Kitchen & Pilbara Backpackers
Tom Price Tourist Park Camp Kitchen
Tom Price Tourist Park Picnic Tables in Camp Kitchen
Tom Price Tourist Park Camp Kitchen Facilities
Pilbara Backpackers