2WD Free camp near Broome - One of the only free camps near Broome where no 4WD is required!

It’s damn hard to find a free camp near Broome where a 4wd isn’t required, and although this place isn’t pretty, any vehicle can easily make it there.

There’s loads of room and you can fit any size vehicle. Trucks usually park opposite this rest area at a roadside stop on the other side of the Great Northern Highway.

As you pull into the rest stop, you’ll see a huge mound of dirt. The best place to camp is directly behind it as it’ll give you a bit of privacy and block out the noise from the highway. There are several sites in between the trees and reversing in is required.

If you’ve got a big rig, park to the east of the dirt mound where there’s a wide open space.

Roebuck Rest Stop Free Campground Campsite in Trees
Roebuck Rest Stop Free Campground Open Area

Although there’s a lot of small trees, there’s still very little shade and you’ll be mostly exposed to the full sun.

It’s best to treat this place as a free area to camp for the night, then get moving again early in the morning to avoid the heat.

Roebuck Rest Stop Free Campground Individual Sites
Roebuck Rest Stop Free Campground Bush Sites

Campground Facilities

None at all, you’ll need to bring everything, from a toilet to drinking water.

4km back towards Broome is the Roebuck Roadhouse, here you’ll find public toilets, a petrol station and accomodation.

How to find the place

Head out the north eastern corner of Broome and the road will bend to the east, follow it for 20 minutes until you reach to the Roebuck Road House.

Once you see the roadhouse on your left, the Roebuck Rest Stop is about 4 kms further. Pull over to the left into the rest stop and you’ll notice a large mound as this is an old road works construction area where they stored the dirt for the road.

You’ll find the individual sites among the trees behind the mound, otherwise drive to the eastern end of the rest area to camp in wider open space.