Free camp just behind the beach just an hour from Esperance


Since publishing this content, have emailed us to say that camping is not permitted here. This has come as a shock to us, as it is published on the Esperance government website that camping is allowed here, among dozens of other online sources including paid free camping directories. It seems the information on all of these websites may be out of date and camping is no longer allowed. Camping here comes at the risk of a large on-the-spot fine.

Now, back to what we were saying about the Membinup Beach Campground:

Less than 100 kms to the east of Esperance is the Membinup Beach Campground, past Cape Le Grand.

Camp here for free and walk to Membinup Beach in less time than it takes to put your boots on, then explore the stunning area, including the huge boulders and pristine beginners surf beach at Wharton Bay that has white powdery sand and crystal clear water.

Caravan Spot at Membinup Beach Campground
Membinup Beach Campground from dune
Caravan Spot at Membinup Beach Campground

The campground can comfortable cater for around half a dozen groups of campers and is suitable for anything from tents to RVs and and caravans.

Membinup Beach Campground is the “4wd campground” at the end of a 4wd track, but don’t let that fool you – plenty of people in two wheel drive cars, even small buses have made it down there with ease, it’s just important to go slow and avoid the pot holes, especially after some rain.

Water at Membinup Beach Campground
Light floods at Membinup Beach Campground
Light floods at Membinup Beach Campground

Campground Facilities

There is/was an outdoor toilet, or at least a toilet seat above a box, but you’ve gotta be game enough to use it. Other than that, there aren’t any facilities at the Membinup Beach Campground and you’ll need to be completely self-contained.

Please note: After talking with the local council, apparently this toilet is not supposed to be there and should not be used.

20 minutes away at Wharton Bay, there are several car parks at the beach and nearby, all of which have toilets and sinks to wash your hands.

Camping spot at Membinup Beach Campground
Toilet at Membinup Beach Campground
Toilet at Beach Campground

Getting to Membinup Beach Campground

Membinup Beach Campground is about an hour’s drive to the east of Esperance.

Head out of Esperance on the road that goes to Cape Le Grand, but don’t turn off as it’s only about half way. Once you reach Condingup, you can turn right and follow Google maps, but the road is a bit nicer in, if you head another 10-13 kms past the town and turn right at Daniels Road (dirt road).

Follow Daniels Road the rest of the way there. Eventually, there’ll be a sharp turn to the left and a sign that says “Track Only”, this is where things get a bit more rough and you’ll have to drive with some increased caution. Eventually, you’ll get to the end and find the campground.

There’s two camping and parking areas right at the end of the track, or turn left about 50 metres before the beach to find the rest of the camping area.

Membinup Beach Campground to Wharton Beach

Wharton Bay
Wharton Beach