Free camp for up to 24 hours at the Yalabia Rest Stop

Yalabia Rest Stop in Yandoo is one of the better free roadside campgrounds on the mid west coast between Kalbarri and Exmouth, or more specifically, Carnarvon & Coral Bay, where 24 hour stays are permitted.

This isn’t a place that you’d come to as it’s own destination, but a good enough roadside stop to call into for the night, get some rest and then keep on driving.

Trees are dotted throughout the site, providing a little bit of shade, although most of them aren’t too big so you’ll still be exposed to some sun, but it’s much better than many of the other roadside rest stops in the area.

Yalabia Public Toilet

There’s a fair amount of space and you shouldn’t have a problem finding a spot to park your caravan or RV for the night.

Unlike a lot of other rest areas in the area where you’ll have a good chance of being the only people calling the place home for the night, Yalabia is more popular due to the location and facilities, so there’ll most likely be several other campers, which is often a good, safe thing to look for when staying at a remote roadside campground.

Yalabia 24 Free Camp car park
Yalabia Rest Stop

Facilities at Yalabia Rest Stop

There are toilets with an accessible ramp going up to the entrance.

Several picnic tables can be found throughout the rest area and there’s even a gazebo to allow you to comfortably sit down in the shade if you can’t make your own.

A dump point can be found here, although there’s no supply of drinking water, so you’ll need to bring along your own.