One of the best free campgrounds on the Eyre Peninsula

Set up camp right beside the pristine coastline, just above the rocks, nestled between two sandy beaches on the Eyre Peninsula at Moonlight Bay.

Moonlight Bay is a free campground that’s about 20 minutes south of Tumby Bay and a bit over 30 minutes north of Port Lincoln.

Rocks at Moonlight Bay Campground, Eyre Peninsula
Camping at Moonlight Bay

The campground stretches along the coast for about 100 metres or so, with plenty of sites dotted between the scrub. Most of the sites are on the water’s edge with stunning views across Moonlight Bay. Nearly all of the sites already have small fire pits, but check with the local authorities before getting one going just to make sure that the conditions are right and that it’s still permitted in the area.

On a busy summer’s day when the main campsites are already taken, there’s a relatively large overflow area behind the scrub, it’s still only 15-20 metres back from the beach.

Moonlight Bay is a great little treasure, but please be sure to take your rubbish with you and try to leave the place better than you found it, as the local’s have said to us that the council is considering closing down the campground due to so much miss-use and trash left behind by tourists.

Caravan above the rocks at Moonlight Bay Campground
Rainbow at Moonlight Bay Campground
Camp site at Moonlight Bay Campground
Rocky camp site at Moonlight Bay Campground

Moonlight Bay Campground Facilities


There aren’t any facilities at Moonlight Bay and the nearest town is 20 minutes away at Tumby Bay. It’s only suitable for campers that are completely self sustained. Please take care of the place and leave nothing behind.

Getting to Moonlight Bay

There aren’t any signs and the Moonlight Bay campground doesn’t always appear on Google Maps or a GPS, other than that, there’s a couple of long corrugated dirt tracks to head down and if there has been recent rain, you’ll have to expect to drive through some muddy water, although in saying that, just about any car and caravan will easily make it down there.

When you’re heading along the Lincoln Bay highway, either from Port Lincoln in the south or Tumby Bay from the north, there are a few different roads that you can take with the main one being Moonlight Bay Road. Follow Moonlight Bay Road almost to the end, until you reach Hammonds Road. Moonlight Bay campground is almost at the end of Hammonds Road, just after the road bends at the coast is on your left.

Caravan and car at Moonlight Bay Campground
Overflow camping area at Moonlight Bay Campground