Free camp at the top of the mighty Bunda Cliffs on the Great Australian Bight

Free camp right beside the Bunda Cliffs on the Great Australian Bight!

Bunda Cliffs are a large section of the western end of the bight, still in South Australia, not too far from the Western Australia border.

When crossing the Nullarbor, there are plenty of rest stops, car and truck parks to the side of the road, many of which will have a track that leaves the roadside parking area and heads over to the cliffs. It is possible to take an early track from most of the car parks out to the top of the cliffs, then drive along a dirt and somewhat rugged path that stretches for many kilometres, joining the camping areas. If you take this route, do it with caution as the cliffs are known to collapse without warning.

One of the best spots to go camping at the Bunda Cliffs is the “52 Marker”, this is 52 kms from the Western Australia border. The reason that’s it’s one of the best is due to the land poking out several metres just near the campground, allowing you to get an almost endless view along the cliffs. Most of the campgrounds (…open spaces ideal to set up a tent or park the caravan) along the Bunda Cliffs will have a view out to the ocean, but as the cliffs run in almost a straight line, it’s difficult to get a view of the cliffs themselves. Another popular/recommend spot is “13 Pegs”/13 Marker – if searching for Bunda Cliffs online, you’ll most likely be directed there. It’s quite literally 39 kms closer to the WA border from the 52 Marker/Pegs Campground.

Camping on the Nullarbor

When you’re heading out here, you’ll need to be completely self-contained. Not only are there no facilities, there are no nearby towns, so when you hold it in, you’ll be holding it for a while. There often aren’t even any trees or large enough scrub to hide behind, and once you do finally find that little bit of privacy and road train will be sure to drive by and get a view of their own. They don’t call it the “treeless plains” for nothing.

Camping on the Nullarbor
Camping on the Nullarbor

If free camping isn’t for you, still head here for the view, then further back to the east is the Nullarbor Roadhouse, that has pub, hotel, campground and petrol station. 52 km to the west is the Western Australia border with petrol station and road house.