By far the newest and best caravan park in Streaky Bay

If you’re looking for a place to set up the caravan, a second-to-none camping ground or accommodation in Streaky Bay, look no further as the Islands Caravan Park is the best in the area, by a long shot. When staying here, you’ll hear over and over again by other campers that “this is the best caravan park we’ve ever been too, ..ever” – that’s a big call, although after a short stay, it’s easy to see why!

The caravan park and campground (& villas) are on north-eastern side of Streaky Bay with views either looking back at the town or over a couple of small bird covered islands (about 30 metres from the water’s edge) out past the heads and to the ocean. The campsites are of a generous size, the entire place is pristine almost brand new, & don’t even get us started on the facilities! 

Wrapping around most of the caravan park is the coast. There are two sandy beaches separated by small rocky cliffs that are a good spot to throw in a fishing line and try your luck at hooking a King George Whiting or Flathead.

Going above and beyond the exceptional park maintenance, cleanliness and second-to-none facilities – the park owners and super friendly managers pride themselves on sustainability. They collect their own water and aren’t connected to the town & have a solar farm that pretty much supplies all of the caravan park and villa’s power, with plans on upgrading their batteries to then be fully off grid!

& as far as WiFi – they have Starlink with some of the fastest downloads speeds available, although the right across the bay are two large phone towers, so you should have full service on your on phone and data plan regardless, but it’s nice to have a reliable and fast back up. The current Starlink connection doesn’t stretch over the whole campground with super high speeds, so if that’s important to you and you don’t have your own data plan, you can request to be on a site closer to the modem.

On top of everything mentioned above, the rates are far lower than average compared to most caravan parks at tourist hot spots right across the country!

Sunset from Caravan Park
Islands Caravan Park at Streaky Bay
Campsite with view at Streaky Bay Caravan Park

Caravan Park Facilities and Ammenities

You’ll be completely shocked for all of the right reasons when you see the facilities here, at the Islands Streaky Bay.

The toilet and shower blocks are huge with every toilet and shower (or both) being in their own seperate room, inside the seperate Men’s and Women’s amenities block. Most of them have a shower, toilet and basin all in the one private room and due to their being so many, there’s never a line. All of the toilets and showers are well cleaned each morning and you’ll often see the caravan park management popping their heads in thought the day to ensure that they’re still clean. Furthermore, there are built in speakers constantly playing 80’s music quietly in the background.

There are also seperate coin laundry facilities, including plenty of washing machines and dryers.

At the reception area, there’s a shop with some groceries, other necessities and plenty of fishing bait & tackle. There’s a cafe behind the shop/reception area, just to the right of the park entry.

Opposite the reception area is a small swimming pool and beside that is a decent size recreation room fitted with a pool table for when the weather takes a turn for the worse.

Further down the park, closer to the beach is a fully enclosed camp kitchen with ovens, stove tops, sinks and a sitting area.

All of the facilities and amenities seem as though they were built yesterday. They’re in an impressive and pristine condition, reflecting the attention of detail and pride that the park management and staff have for the caravan park.

Streaky Bay Caravan Park campsites
Streaky Bay Caravan Park facilities

Accommodation at the Islands Streaky Bay Caravan Park

Near the top of the caravan park is a large area full of newly built villas and cabins with views from the top of the small hill out to Streaky Bay.

Below the villas is the large caravan park, all of them have a large footprint, most of which are powered with a water connection. There are also plenty of camping/tent sites.

For those that want or need to be close to the toilets, choose between one of the many sites right beside them or there’s even an option to select a caravan or campsite that has a private toilet and shower.

Accommodation at Streaky Bay Caravan Park

Getting to the Islands Caravan Park from the middle of Streaky Bay

Head out to the northern end of town, then not far after the built up area is a blue caravan park sign on the side of the road. Make a left turn here at Little Islands Road and follow it for about 4-5 kms until you see the caravan park entry. There’s also a track between the road and the coast for most of the way, for those that bought a bike along.