Just on the edge of the Streaky Bay township is the low cost RV Camping Site. It’s an ideal place to spend a night or two for those looking to save a bit of money and take a look at the surrounding area.

The campground is on the edge of the town, right beside the football oval. It’s a large, open space covered in lush grass. There’s room for several dozen campers and due to it being quite close to two caravan parks, it’s often not too busy and almost a sure bet that you’ll find a spot to set up a tent or park your caravan.

Being so close to town, there is full Telstra phone and data service – you won’t have a problem making phone calls, browsing the internet on your phone or working online via a portable broadband modem.

Field at Streaky Bay RV Campground
Camping at Streaky Bay RV Campground

Streaky Bay Campground Facilities

Between the football oval and the campground, there are two flushable toilets in seperate repurposed concrete tanks. Both are kept clean and maintained. This is about as far as the facilities go, there aren’t any showers or laundry facilities, although that shouldn’t be expected for such a low overnight fee and there’s a coin laundry close by in Streaky Bay.

Fees and Booking

It costs just $10 per night to camp here, you can pay via an honesty box just to the side of the campground entry. To book, you’ll need to head to the Streaky Bay Visitor Information centre and get yourself a permit. Permits have to be shown at all times, although if you speak to any other campers there, you’ll notice that it’s a rarity for them to have a permit or have visited the tourist info centre (as it’s not open at nights, which can be pretty tricky to get there in time after a long drive). You’ll see that all campers will most certainly slip a tenna into the honesty box, which is very important as otherwise, towns may stop offering these great places to stay or at the least, not keep them in such a great condition.

For a caravan park and accommodation in Streaky Bay, consider the Islands, about a 5-10 minute drive from here.

Several caravans at Streaky Bay RV Campground
Caravan at Streaky Bay RV Campground

How to find the Streaky Bay Campground

The campground is on the eastern side of the town, around 500 metres back from the jetty, right next to Streaky Bay Sports Club. It’s behind the Streaky Bay Area School.

You’ll need to enter from Alec Baldock Drive, which is a road running east to west, completely south of the school and jetty, on the south eastern part of the town. If you find the golf club that runs right through the centre of Streaky Bay, it’s to the east.

Follow the directions on this map or head to the Visitor Info centre and they can easily guide you there, it’s only a small place but it can still be hard to find if you haven’t been to Streaky Bay before and aren’t familiar with the places mentioned above.