Free camp amongst the natural beauty of Parachilna Gorge in the northern Flinders Ranges

Right up at the northern tip of the Flinders Ranges is the Parachilna Gorge, a spectacular and dry gorge that runs from east to west – the road runs all the way from the township of Parachilna to Blinman.

The red dirt track takes you right along the bottom of steep cliffs and mountains dotted in foliage with a bunch of free campsites spread throughout the gorge, the main one (& probably the most stunning) is the Parachilna Gorge Campground.

Parachilna Gorge, Flinders Ranges

Hear the Mountain Goats scaling the cliffs, Kangaroo’s grazing on the scarce vegetation and keep an eye out for the rare Yellow-footed Rock-wallabies.

The Parachilna Gorge Campground spreads for hundreds of metres with over a dozen individual spaces to set up camp. Although it seems like it’s only accessible by four-wheel drive, if you take it slow and easy, just about any car and caravan can make it in, otherwise camp across the road where there’s no high clearance required.

Caravan at Parachilna Gorge Campground
Parachilna Gorge Campground

Parachilna Gorge Campground Facilities


There aren’t any amenities or facilities at Parachilna Gorge Campground, so you’ll need to be completely self-contained (have everything that you need), although just a short drive down the road is the Angorichina Tourist Village that has a shop and public toilets. Keep in mind, there isn’t any phone reception or data service at the campground either or throughout most of the gorge, you’ll need to climb up a tall hill or go for a drive to get some, likely most of the way to Parachilna or a few kilometres from Blinman where the mountains turn to plains.

Just about every little bit of land that can be camped on has a fire pit made by campers, but before using one, first check with the local tourist info centre in Blinman to be sure that there’s no danger of having a camp fire and that they are still permitted. While you’re talking to them, make sure to book a tour of the old Blinman Mine, it’s well worth it!

Getting to Parachilna Gorge Campground

It’s about as easy as it gets to find Parachilna Gorge!

If you’re coming from Hawker and want to take the most direct route, just drive out to the north of the town and keep on driving for about an hour until you reach Parachilna on your left. Turn down the dirt road to the right and after about 10 minutes, you’ll enter the gorge. You’ll start to see plenty of suitable campsites to set up the tent or caravan.

Choose where ever suits you most. As for the Parachilna Gorge Campground itself, you’ll need to follow a route on your GPS as there are no signs.

No booking is required.

In the case that you’ve gone and visited the Wilpena Pound, then it’s still quite easy. Drive north to Blinman, once you reach the town, there’s a road going to the west in the direction of Parachilna (it’s well signed). Once you pass the Angorichina Tourist Village, a few minutes past it you’ll see some bins in a car park on the right, the Parachilna Gorge Campground is only another minute or two drive on your right.