Hike to the highest point in the Grampians National Park: Mount William Summit

Mount William is a bit over 20 kms from Halls Gap in the Grampians. Reaching 1,167 metres above sea-level, the Mount William Summit is the highest point at the Grampians, but one of the easier places to get to compared to the typically difficult, rocky and steep hikes in the national park.

The summit is most recognisable by the two towers on top of it. One for aviation, the other is a phone tower. Once you’ve made it there, you’ll have views back across the Grampians, then the opposite direction will let you look across the plains and over Aarat.

Although the Mount William Walk isn’t the most exciting or natural hiking trail in the Grampians & the views aren’t quite as special as some of the other nearby peaks (such as The Pinnacle, Mount Difficult, Mt Rosea, Sundial Peak, Boroka Lookout or Chatauqua Peak to name a few), it gives another perceptive and vantage point of the incredible Grampians region.

Mount William Walk
Mount William Walk
Mount William Walk
Mount William Walk

There are several trails that lead up to the Mount William Summit, either as part of longer trails or even by heading straight up from the opposite side of the car park (main place to start the hike), over from Moyston at the Mount William Picnic Area.

The most common way to hike to the Mount William Summit is via a service track that’s 2 kms from the Mount William car park. The entire walk is up a very steep bitumen road where the further you go, the easier it gets.

The lookout it just past the aviation tower and building.

Trail details


It’s hard on the way up, easy on the way back!

The trail is very steep. Thankfully, the trail is a service road rather than a rocky track, but it’s still quite challenging for the first 500-1,000 metres. Eventually, the road becomes less steep and gets much easier for the last few hundred metres.

As this trail isn’t a loop, you’ll walk back down the way you came from, downhill the whole way.


4 kms return.

Walking from the Mount William carpark to the summit is 2 kms. You’ll then return the exact same way.


There are no facilities at the Mount William car park or summit.

Closest place to buy food & drinks

Halls Gap is about 22 kms from the Mount William car park where you’ll find a small town with shops, fuel, restaurants, accommodation and a campground.

Dog Friendly

Dogs aren’t allowed anywhere inside the Grampians National Park other than in the township of Halls Gap.

Mount William Walk
Mount William Walk
Mount William Walk
Mount William Walk