The start of the walking trail is less than an hour and a half from the middle of Melbourne.

This just might be the best place close to Melbourne for spotting Kangaroos and Wallabies up close while enjoying an easy day hike to a stunning beach.
Sometimes, you’ll see Kangaroos right from the very start of the trail, even around the car parking area, then your chances rise when you’re about 10 minutes or so into the trail.

It’s hard to believe that you’re so close to the city and well worth checking out one morning if you’re heading to the Mornington Peninsula or looking for someone rugged close to the city with plenty of options for things to do after, such as the Mornington Hotsprings or cliff jumping at The Pillars Mount Martha.

The hiking trail to Bushrangers Bay from the parking area is about 3.5 kms and pretty much flat the entire walk to the beach, other than some stairs down to the beach.

On a good day you will see dozens of Kangaroos and Wallabies in their natural habitat, curiously checking you out just as you do the same to them.

The bay itself is a bit too dangerous for swimming (yet the locals do it!) and it’s a long way to carry a surfboard (yet again, the locals still do it), although it’s well worth it as you get a stunning view of the rough Bass Straight waves smashing against the rocks, with a creek and beautiful natural + farm land in the background.

If you have friends visiting Melbourne or the surrounding area and they want to go for an easy day-hike close to Melbourne city, this has got to be an ideal choice.

You’ll feel as though you’re right out in the Australian wilderness, centuries from civilization, then the beautiful thing is that once you return to your car, it’s only a short drive to loads of amazing cafes, restaurants and beaches as you are right in the middle of the Morning Peninsula!

Bush covered trail to Bushrangers Bay

Once you’re out of the dense bush, the trail has a steep edge to the left that drops into a creek about 100 metres below.

(see the Kangaroo under the tree?)
View of fields on Bushrangers Bay Hiking Trail

About half way to 2/3rds of the way to Bushrangers Bay, you can then get views of the neighbouring farms lands. It’s a reminder of how close to civilization you are, because right next to the fields are the populated and beautiful suburbs of Mornington Peninsula.

Once you’re close to reaching a set of about 50 stairs that take you down to the bay, you’re greeted with a stunning view of Bushrangers Bay itself.

Stairs down to Bushrangers Bay

Then at last, you’ve made it to beautiful and rugged Bushrangers Bay!

Creek leading into Bushrangers Bay

For more information about how to spot a roo, take a look at our guide to finding Kangaroos, otherwise checkout some more of our hiking trail reviews or one of our recent blog posts.