Hiking from Sundial Carpark to Sundial Peak

The Grampians is packed with ridge walks and peaks that tower into the sky, yet no lookouts feel quite the same as Sundial Peak.

Walking from Sundial Peak from the Sundial carpark is pretty similar to trail that heads to the nearby Pinnacle lookout, although there’s a bit more forest, shade and a lot less people. The walk is quite flat with less than 200 metres elevation gained on the entire trail. There are the occasional steep sections, although they’re short and don’t require a high level of fitness.

The walk through the dry Eucalyptus forest packed with Bracken fern gives you a good feel for the Grampians then you’re treated with a stunning and unspoiled view from the Sundial Peak lookout, where you’ll see over Lake Bellfield, past the Mount William Range and into the endless plains to the east.

Unlike the Pinnacle lookout, the focal point isn’t Halls Gap, which gives a more remote feeling from Sundial Peak.

It’s a nice short walk and well worth exploring, even if you’ve been to the Pinnacle time and time again, like a lot of people that have grown up in south-east Australia.

Sundial Peak Lookout
Sundial Peak
Sundial Peak Lookout

Hollow Mountain Walk trail details


It’s quite easy. There’s the occasional set of stairs and short, steep sections, although they’re not much of a challenge by any means. The walk is family friendly, young kids will find it a breeze.


2.2 kms each way


The difference in elevation from the Sundial car park to the Sundial Peak is around 180 metres.

Sundial Carpark Elevation: 620 metres
Sundial Peak Elevation: 802 metres


There are non-flushing toilets at Sundial carpark and there is not any drinking water available.

Dog Friendly

Not a chance. With the exception of Halls Gap, dogs aren’t allowed in the entire Grampians National Park.

Closest place to buy food & drinks

Halls Gap is just 10-15 minutes from the Sundial Carpark. Here you’ll find a beautiful little town filled with plenty of places to get food, drinks or stay the night.

View of Lake Bellfield from the Sundial Peak Lookout

Lake Bellfield from Sundial Peak

Getting to the Sundial car park

The main tourist route with all of the most popular attractions in the Grampians is Mount Victory Road that goes from Halls Gap to Horsham.

Just to the north of the centre of town, you’ll see the Halls Gap Recreation Reserve, AKA the oval covered in Kangaroos. Drive up the road that goes alongside the oval and follow it for around 10 minutes, until you see the sign for the Sundial Peak car park. It’s the second road that you can turn down, the first goes to Wonderland carpark which is the main place to hike to the Pinnacle from.

Sundial Carpark

Sundial Carpark

Sundial Carpark Picnic Area

Sundial Carpark Picnic Area

Start of the hiking trail

Hiking trail to Sundial Peak

Here’s the full video of the Halls Gap Loop that took us past Sundial Peak after we hiked to the Pinnacle from Halls Gap. From Sundial Peak, we then went down to Lake Bellfield and back into town. Take a look: