Get a birds-eye view of Halls Gap from over 600 metres above the northern end of the town. The unspoiled view down into the heart of the Grampians rivals that of the Pinnacle and Sundial Peak, also having the highest elevation of the three vantage points with Boroka Lookout being at around 840 metres above sea level.

Tom sitting on cliff at Boroka Lookout

Getting to Boroka Lookout

You’ve just got to find the Halls Gap Recreation Oval, which is the cricket oval known for attracting a lot of Kangaroos in the early evening and mornings. Mount Victory Road, which is the main tourist drive through the northern Grampians runs alongside the cricket oval and up into the mountains. Drive along Mount Victory Road and take the first road to the right, which is well signed for ‘Boroka Lookout’.

After turning right, follow the road to the end. There’s a large car park with drop toilets, Boroka Lookout(s) is right next to the car park.

Hiking to Boroka Lookout from Halls Gap

By far the most popular way of getting to Boroka Lookout is by driving up there from Halls Gap as the car park is right at the lookout. There are a few different ways of getting to Boroka Lookout on foot from Halls Gap, one being the long way around where you’ll head to Wonderland car park (half way up to the Pinnacle from Halls Gap) then head to Boroka.

The most direct route from Halls Gap starts near the Botanic Gardens and is about 3.5 kms with the last 1km or so being the steepest and toughest part of the hike.

It’s a similar level of difficulty as hiking to the Pinnacle from Halls Gap, but with far less people. It doesn’t blow you away like hiking through the Grand Canyon and Silent Street between Wonderland and the Pinnacle, but it’s still a stunning bush walk. It’s a good nature walk through the dry and rocky Eucalyptus Forest with the occasional exceptional view, especially once you make it up to the Boroka Lookout, which is higher than the Pinnacle.

It’ll take about 2 hours to get up to Boroka Lookout from Halls Gap and another 1.5 hours to get back down, if you go the most direct route.

Looking out from Boroka
Boroka Falls, Halls Gap

No Camping at Boroka Lookout

You can’t camp at Boroka Lookout and there are no campgrounds super close. You’re best option is to drive back down to Halls Gap where there are loads of places to camp or other accommodation. Halls Gap is the main tourist town of the Grampians.

If you’re planning on continuing along Mount Victory Road from Halls Gap and want to check out some other places, such as Reeds Lookout and the Balconies or MacKenzie Falls, Broken Falls and Fish Falls and then continue to Adelaide, then there are a few nice retreats and bnb’s just after Zumsteins Picnic Area, otherwise head another 45 minutes or so to the next small city, Horsham, where there’s a heap of accommodation there too.

Snowing on the way up to Boroka Lookout in July 2019

Snowing at the Grampians, near Boroka Lookout