New Camping Dinnerware from Barebones Living

Barebones 2 Tone Olive Dinnerware Set and Lantern

Our most popular enamel camping tableware is now available in new colours across Australia & Europe!

Before we get into that, let’s quickly go back a step or two..

We began our partnership with Barebones Living years ago, starting by selling their stunning Slate-grey enamelware, comprising of enamel camping plates, enamel bowls and enamel mugs. With a price tag to match the obvious quality and design, we were curious to see how they’d sell in the Australian market, and before long, they became some of the most popular items on the entire WAY&FARER camping shop.

The initial trend was single-set purchases, whether that be a set of two camping plates or a couple of camping mugs, and that was probably due to people wanting to test the quality before making a larger investment of the full tableware collection, then more often than not, these same people would come back and purchase an entire camping dinnerware set.

Our range then grew to include the speckled Egg-shell white dinnerware and enamel cookware.

& before long, the Charcoal colour-way was added to the collection, still sporting the signature hand-polished rim.

Now, we’re excited to add two new colours to the range!

The Slate-grey, Egg-shell White and Black/Charcoal enamel dinnerware collections are all made up of beautiful, timeless pieces in colours that match just about anything. The two new colours have gone in a bit of a different direction, with one being louder than the other!

First up is the new Mint coloured enamelware:

Add a touch of colour to your camping tableware collection with this range of Mint coloured enamel dinner plates, matching mint salad plates, bowls and mugs.

The Mint enamelware is currently only available for purchase in Europe and we’re not sure when or if it’ll make its way to Australia, but the following 2-tone Olive enamelware is being released in Australia this week and already available across all EU countries!

This stunning design is composed of an Olive Drab enamel coating on the exterior of each piece with a white interior (hence the “two-tone”), hand-polished rim, all with a solid-steel construction.

The beautiful colours and design can be likened-to what some people would have childhood memories of camping, sitting around the picnic table next to the campfire when the grand-parents pull-out their treasured camping tableware collection for its seasonal use.

We’re really excited to add these new colours to our existing range of enamel dinnerware and camping cookware. Please take a look at our full range and if you have any questions, leave a comment below or you can contact us here, we’re always up for a chat!

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