The last few months at WAY&FARER

Wandering through the wineries at Saint Emillion

We’ve been quiet for a few months after years of regularly posting on the WAY&FARER blog, & here’s why.

For about a decade, we’ve been hiking, camping, + exploring far & wide. In the lead up to relocating to France, we travelled around Australia living out of our little, beloved caravan. Once we made it to France, although we’ve still had plenty of chances to get our hiking boots out, we’ve been taking it slow, sipping on wine, while keeping ourselves busy with the mission of building-out and stocking up the new WAY&FARER Europe Store with lots of incredible new outdoor gear!

There are now around 100 different products available for purchase in Europe, shipped from our warehouse in Bordeaux. From camping tableware to canvas tarps and LED lanterns, it’s been exciting to get our hands on all of this amazing outdoor gear!

That’s just been in for the EU side of things, our well stocked Australian warehouse has also been getting some of the attention and we’ve now got a full range of bushcraft gear packaged up and ready to ship Australia wide!

& as we’ve been growing our range of products both in Europe and Australia, we’ve also been growing the number of places we’ve explored across France.

From strolling through the endless vineyards at Saint-Émilion.. climbing the narrow stairs of Mont Saint-Michel,

..snowboarding at Chamonix in the Alps,

..admiring the ocean on several trips to the coastline near Bordeaux at Lacanau and Arcachon,

..and camping in the country side, covering ground by foot in central France at La Brenne, Le Blanc & Pouzioux.

& a bunch of other venues and destinations in between. So, with the focus switching to the camping shop, we’ve still managed to squeeze a fair lot of little (& big) adventures across our new home country.

Over the last couple of weeks, we’ve had a really enjoyable trip through Brittany/Bretagne in the north-east of France. We’ll post about it soon and write about the half dozen or so hiking tails that we’ve been in Bretagne and closer to our new home in Bordeaux.

If there’s any new gear that you have questions about or you want to know more about somewhere we’ve been over the last few months, leave a comment below or send us an email at

Cheers, Guy

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Hey guys, I'm Guy - one of the founders of WAY&FARER and the main one posting on the blog. I've written about hundreds of places to visit, campgrounds and hiking trails both on the WAY&FARER blog and in the "EXPLORE" section on this website. If you've got any questions about anything that I've written or you've noticed that one of the places we've covered has changed & needs an update, please get in touch with me via Otherwise, I'll leave you to enjoy the blog and while you're at it, take a look at the WAY&FARER Camping Shop! Cheers, Guy

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