The Gordon Dam is an impressive 140 metres tall, the largest dam in Tasmania. It’s in the Franklin-Gordon Wild Rivers National Park between Lake Gordon (the upper reservoir) and Lake Pedder (the lower diversion lake), a couple of hours to the west of Hobart in the south-west of Tasmania.

Gordon Dam was built in 1974 with 154 thousand cubic metres of concrete to make this 194 (wide) x 140 (tall) metre mega structure for the purpose of creating hydro-electric power.

The dam still provides a lot of natural energy to Tasmania’s power circuit but has also become a popular tourist attraction. Visitors head here when travelling around the south-west of Tasmanian to see the massive dam, but there are loads of nearby attractions among the forest and lakes with an abundance of native plants and wildlife to observe.

Getting to Gordon Dam

If you’re coming from Hobart, head out of town on the north-west side (near where Mona is located) and drive towards New Norfolk. You’ll need to keep heading west on Glenora Road which eventually turns into Gordon River Road.

Whether you’re coming from Hobart or making your way down from the north, head to Westerway then follow the Gordon River Road all the way to the end, which is a bit less than 1.5 hours. The Gordon Dam is right at the end of the Gordon River Road.

If you’ve got time for it, try turning down some of the tracks that go off the Gordon River Road and take a look around at some of the lookouts and short walks in the dense forest. You’ll be able to find some incredible tall Eucalyptus Trees.

View of the mountains on the way to the Gordon Dam

Mountains near Teds Beach and Gordon Dam

Camping near the Gordon Dam

Less than a 15 minute drive from the Gordon Dam, back the way you came from along the Gordon River Road is the Teds Beach Camping Area.

The beach and camping area is right on Lake Pedder and most suited to campervans, rather than tents due to it mainly being a gravel area and the ground is quite hard to get the pegs into when setting up a tent. Here, you’ll find a boat ramp, toilets, water for cleaning up, electric barbecues, a picnic area and shelter.

It’s a decent spot to pull into for the night when you’re exploring the Gordon Dam and other places around south-west Tasmania.

Teds Beach Camping Area
Teds Beach, Tasmania