Camping at Teds Beach on Lake Pedder

Teds Beach Campground is a free campsite on Lake Pedder, which below Lake Gordon and separated by the the Gordon Dam in the south-west of Tasmania.

The campground is more of a parking area where camping is allowed, as opposed to a decent place to set up a tent and spend a few nights. It’s ideal for those in campervans that are passing through and exploring the area, but not the best spot for tents. If you do bring a tent or someone in your party will be staying in one, there’s some room around the edge of the gravel parking area where you could fit a tent, although the ground is hard and it might be difficult to get the pegs in.

It’s stunning, scenic area where you’ll be able observe the Eucalyptus tree covered rocky hills around the perimeter of Lake Pedder and the massive Gordon Dam is just a 15 minute drive. You have to go past Teds Beach to get to the Gordon Dam, as the dam is right at the end of Gordon River Road (which Teds Beach is on).

Teds Beach Camping Area
Teds Beach, Tasmania


There are some decent facilities at Teds Beach makes it easy and ideal place to spend the night.

Just near the parking area, you’ll find a shelter with electric barbecues, a picnic area, clean and well maintained toilets and some water for cleaning up. The water available isn’t filtered, so it’s best to bring along your own drinking water.

If you’ve bought your vessel along, there’s a boat ramp to launch into Lake Pedder.

Getting to Teds Beach

Teds Beach is a bit more than a two hour drive to the west of Hobart and that’s typically where people would be coming, although if you’re traveling from the north or in-fact, from anywhere, you’ll need to head to Westerway and make your way along the Gordon River Road from there.

The beach, campground and everything else near by is on or just off of Gordon River Road. Once you’ve turned west from Westerway, Teds Beach Campground is about another hour-and-a-quarter drive.

You’ll eventually see a large lake just to the left of the road and at this stage, you haven’t got far to go.

Nearby Mountains

Mountains near Teds Beach and Gordon Dam

Gordon Dam

Gordon Dam, Tasmania