Walk around the base of Uluru

The Uluru Base Walk is a trail that loops just over 10 kms around the big red rock with a few small detours that allow you to see a couple of natural pools and some rock art.

With-in a couple of hours, you’ll be able to stroll right around Uluru on a flat, easy hiking trail and to get a bunch of different views and perspectives of the massive formation, many of which are sacred sites where no photos are allowed, meaning that you’ll have the chance to see some parts of the Uluru that aren’t (../shouldn’t be) online and will be saved only as a memory.

Shorter walking options are available, just park at the Uluru Base Walk car park and complete the first section, where signs guide you and explain the area, then jump in the car and drive around to the next car park for a bit more exploring.

Uluru at sunset
Uluru Base Walk
Uluru Base Walk

Trail details


The Ularu Base Walk is an easy trail to complete, but it does get hot and lots of water will be required.

As the name suggests, the hiking trail loops around the base of Uluru, so you won’t have to climb up any big rocks of boulders, but instead enjoy a peaceful walk on a flat surface, keeping the rock on your right hand side until you get back to where you started from.


It’s about a 10 km walk around the base of Uluru, although there are several small paths leading off the main trail that will take you to some interesting sites, including rock art and natural pools.


The entire track is mainly flat with very little-to-no elevation.


Toilets and drinking water can be found at the Uluru Visitor Centre, a few minutes drive from the start of the Uluru Base Walk.

About half way around the walk, there’s a shelter with a water tank for a drink bottle refill, other than that, there aren’t any amenities or facilities on the walk.

Closest place to buy food & drinks

Depending on the open hours, the closest place to get some basic refreshments is at the Uluru Visitor Centre, otherwise Yulara is the closest option, which has a grocery store, petrol station, resort and campground.

Dog Friendly

Dogs aren’t allowed anywhere inside the Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, although often the staff at the Ayers Rock Campground or permanent residents at Yulara are up for dog sitting. To find a dog sitter, try joining the local facebook page and create a post, or call the campground for suggestions.

Uluru Base Walk
Uluru Base Walk
Uluru Base Walk

Accommodation & Camping

Back at the Yalara township near Uluru, there are plenty of accommodation and camping option, including a resort with hotel rooms, caravan park and campground.

The Ayers Rock Campground is suitable for RVs and caravans of all sizes. There are powered and non-powered van sites, a tent camping section, all close by to the pool, playground and barbecue area. The campground is central to Yulara, close to the shops and petrol station.