Day Hike to the Mount Donaldson Summit, West Tasmania

In the remote west Tasmania Tarkine rain forest lays Mount Donaldson.

Hiking to the Mount Donaldson summit provides panoramic views of burned Euculyptus forest beside the rain forest, the beach, mountain ranges and the Pieman river.

This day hike to the summit and returning to the car park is about 7kms, taking around 3 hours to complete.

Start of Mt Donaldson day hike

The Mount Donaldson hiking trail begins at the Savage River car park. This is about a 15 minute drive from Corinna.

The first 45 minutes or so of the walk are through the rain forest, giving a little glimpse of what parts of the near by Savage River Walk are like.

When exiting the forest, the trees drop away and you’re left with nothing but small plants and good views. It’s about another hours walk to the Mount Donaldson summit along a zig zagging track.

We happened to come here while there was smoke haze from the bush fires, which gave this place it’s a new element, making this place a bit creepy at times or for a better word, it was majestic..

Pieman River from Mount Donaldson
Ruben, Annake and Eva on hiking Mount Donaldson
Ruben on Mt Donaldson Summit
View from on top of Mount Donaldson
View from Mount Donaldson Summit
View from Mt Donaldson Summit

From here, it was an easy one hour hike back to the Savage River car park.

Annake and Eva on hiking Mount Donaldson
Retutning to car park Mt Donaldson day hike