Smoke Over Melbourne – Gipsland Bush Fires How To Donate

Smoke haze at Tullermarine Airport

I was fortunate enough to spend the start of 2020 in Tasmania. I went on a hiking and camping safari with the in-laws. We arrived in Launceston on the 2nd of January, then until today we’ve noticed small patches of smoke here-and-there, but nothing too concerning – it was coming from bush fires in Tasmania then other patches on the west coast apparently could have been from the horrible fires over in Kangaroo Island.

This is what it looked like at Trial Harbor on the west coast of Tasmania on Friday the 3rd.

There was a bit of a smoke haze at Cradle Mountain this morning, but it had mainly cleared up by lunch time. This is what it looked like this morning while we were hiking around Dove Lake and across the face below Cradle Mountain:

Flying back in to Melbourne today gave me a chance to see how dense the smoke was that had been pushed over from the harsh bush fires in East Gipsland, the eastern part of Victoria.

This is what it looked like just as we were touching down at Melbourne’s Tullamarine Airport.

wing in Melbourne smoke haze

As you’d know by now, the current and recent fires in Australia are brutal and causing a lot of damage. The fire fighters are doing it tough and still have a lot of work ahead of them. If you’d like to support the communities or firefighters directly involved in the East Gipsland fires, donating directly to the CFA (Country Fire Service) is a pretty solid option.


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