Morans Falls is a large waterfall in the Lamington National Park where the water plunges 80 metres in a sheer drop. You can hike right out to the top of it from O’Reilly’s Rainforest Retreat on an in-and-out trail or head past it on the Lamington National Park Circuit Walk.

Morans Falls Lookout
Guy standing at the Morans Creek Lookout
Guy at Morans Falls Clearing Lookout

Starting at the O’Reilly’s day-use car park, you’ll need to walk in the opposite direction of the resort/lodge, away from the Tree Top Walk, there’s a track just off the side of the road (the road that you drove into O’Reilly’s on). Follow this track or the road for about 800 metres until you reach a small car park. You’ll then need to turn left and follow the signs to Morans Falls.

Once you’ve turned left, it’s another 1,600 metres until you reach Morans Falls Lookout, you can then either head back the way you came from or continue for a further few hundred metres to reach the ‘Clearing Lookout’, where you can’t actually see the falls, but will be right at the top of them.

View from Morans Falls Lookout
Guy standing at the Morans Creek Lookout
Morans Creek Loukout

Trail details


The entire trail is on a formed track and not very difficult, although there are some up hill sections. There aren’t any large stairs and the trail zig zags when going up/down hill, making it even easier.


To go all of the way from the day-use car park to the waterfall is 2.4 kms, then it’s a few hundred metres further to the Clearing Lookout. In total, the entire in-and-out trail is about 5.5 kms.


There’s about 180 metres of elevation gained on the entire trail, which is mainly on the way back from the waterfall lookout.

Dog Friendly

Unfortunately, dogs aren’t allowed inside the Lamington National Park, including the Morans Falls Walking Trail.